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Art Cities Veneto region

Art cities in the Veneto. This region is a varied and rich region as a continent. As well as with some important art cities of Italy. Most of all, it is a territory carved out between the sea and the mountains, dotted with lakes and hills. Where we find also lots of villages, towns, and art cities. As a result, it is a set of treasures, gifts of a generous nature that the work and genius of man have been able to exploit.

The landscape of the region

One of these is, without doubt, the environment that preserves untouched corners. In fact, the sea is still one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean, with its well equipped sandy beaches. Hence the mountains offer beautiful views and unforgettable holidays in the summer and in winter. Furthermore, the great Lake Garda has some beauties that still undiscovered. As a result, the Veneto is well aware of the heritage that got from nature. In conclusion, it presents itself to the world with its cities, its art, and its colors. Consequently, awaits the arrival of people from all over the world able to appreciate its treasures. Like also its hospitality and to enjoy its kindness. For sure, a themed day excursion gives the best solution to taste the different situations.

Art cities the province capitals

The capital of the region is Venice, the city famous worldwide. Hence we find other six province capitals. Belluno that is known as the “Little Venice of the mountains”. Also Padua, the town proud of its University and not only. And Rovigo, the friendly capital of the Polesine. Furthermore Treviso with its arcaded streets. As well as Verona, the “queen of the Adige”. And last but not least Vicenza, the town of Palladio. As a result, they are seven, each with its own identity but common to all the others.

With this page, I cover these Art Cities of the Veneto region.

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