Badoer, Pojana, Pisani Palladian villas

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Day excursion to visit 3 villas of Andrea Palladio, 3 masterpieces included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Villa Badoer, Villa Pisani Bonetti and Villa Pojana.
One or all the buildings can be closed for events or force majeure. Please contact us before booking.


Badoer, Pojana, and Pisani Bonetti Palladian villas. Worth a note, this is a day excursion in the south of the Veneto region.

For this tour, we suggest a professional guide.

Villa Badoer in Fratta

In the last years of the 15th century, the Venetians promoted a huge work of agriculture and land reclamation. And this after the conquer of the territory from the duchy of the Este. Hence the Venetian Republic offered for this purpose large plots of land to the major families of the “Serenissima”. As a result,  at the center of the estates, they were the noble villas that we see today. For sure the most famous is Villa Badoer, one of the Villas by Palladio. And Andrea Palladio designed it for the Badoer family, who wanted a proper center. In order to follow the reclamation work undertaken in the area. Hence the Palladian villa Badoer is one of the most complete achievements of the great architect.

Villa Badoer – private association
Open Saturday, Sunday 9.30 am – 12.30 am // 3.00 pm – 6.30 pm
Holidays: August 15th, December 8th, December 26th
Closed: December 25th
Other opening time by reservation.

Villa Pojana

The Pojana were the landowners of this area for centuries. And most of all they were faithful to the Republic of Venice. Hence the Pojana had, in the town that bears their name, huge properties, and interests. In addition to other buildings, now the most important one is the Palladian Villa Pojana, one of the villas by Palladio, that can be also visited. Original and serene, it is one of the greatest work of Andrea Palladio. Therefore, the site is at the entrance of the village of Pojana Maggiore. As a result, It dates back between the 1550 and 1563. Hence the owner was Bonifacio Pojana, an influential member of the Great Council. As we can see, the building had a pattern quite atypical for Palladio. In fact, the loggia is here replaced with a tympanum façade in which there is a serliana on pillars.

Villa Pojana – Regione del Veneto
Just from outside 

Villa Pisani in Bagnolo 

In the small town of Bagnolo rises this villa built for the three brothers Pisani. It is one of the earliest work of Andrea Palladio. It seems like it was around 1544. And with it indeed Palladio opens the second of his four books on architecture, the collection of “villa homes for the Venitian nobles”. However, they never finished the whole complex. The Villa Pisani Bonetti was once provided with huge barchesse. Unfortunately, a fire in the 1806 and a ruinous bombing raid in 1945 devastated the building. As a result, now it still survives, well integrated, the only western side. And in conclusion, the Villa Pisani Bonetti is one of the most impressive works of Palladio.

Villa Pisani Bonetti – private residence
The Villa is open all year round by appointment

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– vehicle hire with a professional multilingual driver;
– Highway tolls, parking fees.

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– Professional guide;
– Entrance ticket to the villas of visit;
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from di areas of Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, or Treviso. From other locations contact us.


– For a detailed visit, we suggest a professional local guide


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