Bicycle ride Brenta waterway wine tasting

 232,00 Vat incl.

A bicycle ride along the Brenta waterway between Venice and Padua that includes a wine tasting. A day tour to visit some Venetian villas with an assistant. A flat area with around 20 km (12 miles) riding distance. For any doubt, please contact us before booking


Bicycle ride Brenta waterway

Bicycle ride Brenta waterway with an assistant. This full day bicycle excursion starts from Villa Pisani in the village of Strà. You will visit this Venetian villa by yourself thanks to an audio guide service that you can rent during your visit. And then, you will start your tour pedaling along a low traffic road of the Brenta waterway. In the same village, you will pass in front of Villa Foscarini Rossi that houses the shoe museum. Hence you will see the first main lock that divides this important waterway from the main Brenta river.

Pedaling along the Brenta waterway you will arrive in the village of Dolo. And here you will have some free time, as well as a light lunch (not included).

In the afternoon, you will discover the pleasant town of Mira with its many Venetian villas. In particular, you will visit Villa Widmann and the Barchessa Valmarana.

As follow, you will end your bicycle ride Brenta waterway with a wine tasting. For sure this is a great experience that you will have thanks to our skilled sommelier!

Around 5:30 pm the van will be ready to take you back to Venice.

Our representative will stay with you during all your bicycle ride.

Villa Pisani a national museum

This is the largest villa of the Benta Riviera. And the construction of the Villa Pisani dates back the 18th century. As a result, the rich Pisani family commissioned it. It seems that they owned numerous estates in that area. The works start as early as in 1735 to the Doge Almorò Pisani. The architect was Girolamo Frigimelica who, however, made just the stables and some decorations in the garden. In fact, another important architect of that time, Francesco Maria Preti, achieved the main project.

The building has a rectangular layout with two inner courtyards. Hence a colonnade supporting the majestic dance hall divide it. As you can see, the villa has an imposing façade. In the central body, there is a balcony supported by four monumental caryatids. And also eight Corinthian order half pillars rise from the balcony. As well as two wrought iron gates on both sides of the villa open the way to the park. Hence in the park, at the center of a mound, there is the “casa dei freschi”. Which Frigimelica designed as the ice house. In addition, in the eastern area there is the entrance to the maze.

As well as in the northeastern direction it is possible to see the fence and the entrance to the orangery. In front of the villa, at the end of the long pond, there are the stables which represent Fringimelica’s most important work in the park. Francesco Maria Preti completes the Villa in time to celebrate the nomination of Alvise Pisani as doge of Venice.

The Villa Widmann (Villa Sceriman Foscari Widmann Rezzonico)

The location of this villa is in the municipality of Mira along the Brenta Riviera. As a result. villa Widmann dates back to the end of the 18th century. Hence the complex consists of 3 main buildings. In the detail, you find the Villa, in addition to the Barchessa and the chapel. Most of all, the huge park extends to the north with the greenhouse construction, embellished with some 18th century statues.

The barchessa Valmarana

This unique building is just a fragment of what was once the Villa Valmarana. In fact, in 1850 they demolish the manor house of the great construction of the eighteenth century. As a result, the two barchesse, that were guesthouses, fell into disrepair. And until not long time ago they were makeshift shelter and barn. Today, the right building remains of greater value and thus constitutes in itself a villa. A privilege of this Barchessa is a second façade that we find to the west. In fact, the curve of the Brenta waterway at this point required a second main entrance. Inside the building, there is a large room with frescoes which was a place of legendary receptions. The attribution of the frescoes is now to Michelangelo Schiavoni.

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The Tour includes:
– Minivan with professional driver;
– Assistant;

The Tour doesn't include:
– Bicycle hire 17 euro per person;
– Wine tasting 30 euro per person;
– Entrance ticket to the visited villas;
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice. From other locations please contact us


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