Dolomite mountains day tour Unesco heritage

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A day excursion to the eastern part of the Dolomites. A panoramic tour with a professional multilingual driver. Please make sure about the weather forecast before booking. With bad weather the excursion is not suggested.
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Dolomite mountains day tour

Dolomite mountains day tour, an excursion to discover a stunning place. This is a panoramic tour, the best way to oxygen your eyes! You will stop in areas to get beautiful pictures, you will have some free time to visit the place of birth of The Titian. As well as in Misurina with its lake, and Cortina the pearl of the Dolomites. We suggest to check the weather forecast before booking. With bad weather the excursion is not suggested, you will miss the sense of this day tour!

The Dolomia stone

The Dolomite mountains are in the northeast region of Italy and they are part of the Italian Alpes. But why they are so famous? Well, during the second half of the 18th century, a french geologist funds this area. And his name was Déodat Guy Silvain Tancrède Gratet de Dolomieu. Therefore, he describes as a rock an anhydrous carbonate mineral of calcium and magnesium carbonate. Anyway, this combination gave a particular color to the mountains that we can see during our excursion. And the colors are white and gray to pink. Hence they gave the name Dolomia to this rock in memory of the man that discover it.

A sedimentary rock

First of all, 16 mountains of the Dolomite have the summit over 3000 meters above sea level. Hence, the highest peak of the dolomites is at 3344 meters (10971 feet). And it is the Marmolada mountain, between the Veneto and the Trentino regions. Therefore, we know that the combination of sediments made this rock. And As a result, we assist at some important erosions due to the climate.

Mountain resort area

Well, today they are the Italian most important ski resort area. And also, on summer time, it is a great place for hiking and base jumping. Or rock climbing and via Ferrata. Furthermore, we can make paragliding and hang gliding. Like also we can’t forget mountaineering and cycling. Hence, we find very pleasant dolomite mountains day tour. The Dolomite mountains were also the scenery of the first world war between Italy and Austria, with very cruel battles.

Unesco World Heritage Site

Since the August 2009, the Dolomites are in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And in the 1956 in the town of Cortina, they celebrate the Winter Olympic Games. In the detail, an important event that took place from January 26th to February 5th. Therefore, now the Dolomites are a famous resort area. Cortina d’Ampezzo, as the queen of the Dolomites, is like a jewel in the crown of these magnificent peaks. And in conclusion, the architecture of the Dolomites is a masterpiece of the creation.
On winter, for a stunning Dolomite mountains day tour experience, we propose an excursion on a snowmobile

Additional information


The Tour includes:
– 7 seat minivan with a professional multilingual driver;

The Tour doesn't include:
– When the road is open (normally from May to October, it depend on the weather) the ticket to reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (3 peaks of Lavaredo);
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes".


– this is a full day excursion with a 7 seat van and professional multilingual driver;
– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice or Treviso. From other locations contact us.

Important Notes

This tour is not recommended for:
– pregnant women
– people with cardiac pacemakers
– people who suffer from motion sickness
– people with lung disease pathology
– people with heart failure and breathing problems


– Get yourself a proper mountain wear


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