Giorgione Palladio routes guided day tour

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Full day excursion to visit the medieval towns of Castelfranco Veneto place of birth of Giorgione, and two villas of Andrea Palladio: Villa Emo and Villa Barbaro. This sightseeing tour is made with a professional guide. This day tour includes an 8 seat van with professional driver. This day excursion is to discover the middle ages and renaissance periods with works by Giorgione and Palladio. For any doubt, please contact us before booking



Giorgione Palladio routes, this is a full day excursion to visit the town of Castelfranco Veneto. Most of all it is the place of birth of Giorgione. And also two works of Palladio that are the villas Emo and Barbaro. In the detail, the tour is with a professional guide. In conclusion, this day excursion is to discover the Middle Ages. As well as the renaissance period with works of Giorgione and Palladio.


The town of Castelfranco Veneto welcomes you with its clock tower. And also with its two entrance gates surrounded by crenelated walls. For sure the town preserves the colors and the fragrances of an ancient history. Hence the center of the castle is a little jewel, with its diverse styles of architecture. From those with a stamp from the middle Ages to edifices with a matrix of the eighteenth-century. Like also the Cathedral and the Theatre.

But most of all, we can’t forget that Castelfranco Veneto is the place of birth of Giorgione. And Giorgione was the artist that starts the Renaissance painting in the Veneto area. As a result, famous for his canvases of unrivaled beauty, from his Altarpiece to the Tempest.

The architect Preti builds the main church of Castelfranco Veneto in the first half of the eighteenth century. Hence, worth a visit the interior where there is the Madonna and Child between St Francis and St Nicasius. As a result, for sure this is a masterpiece of Giorgione to see.

Welcoming and quiet, the town offers a journey where we can taste the products of local recipes. This castle village is a must with its architectural views and landscapes in the Giorgione Palladio routes.


Most probably the construction of the villa Emo is in between the years 1557 and 1560. And in those years the noble Venetian people accept the architect. Hence the design of the villa Emo is late than Villa Barbaro at Maser and Villa Badoer in Fratta. With which Villa Emo shares the main setting. However Leonardo Emo is the owner. And he marries the nephew of Francesco Badoer in the 1565. Therefore in the villa Emo, the painter Zelotti made the frescoes of the main rooms. Seems like he was partner and collaborator of Veronese. This building is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


We use to say that the town of Asolo is the city with a hundred horizons. Hence, this medieval walled town of Asolo presides over a grouped range of about thirty gentle hills. And they are along the foothills of the Dolomites.
As a result, we can see some palaces with frescoes along the narrow streets of this medieval little town. And also a castle stands in the main square of Asolo. And worth a mention Robert Browning and Eleonora Duse that loved Asolo. Furthermore, Duse was the actress who played the works of D’Annunzio. And she is in the cemetery of Sant’Anna of Asolo.


In this villa, there is the best of two of the main figures of the Italians in the sixteenth century. And as a result, we talk about Palladio and Paolo Veronese, whose careers crossed here and nowhere else. Hence the villa was for the brothers Daniele and Marcantonio. They were men of a high humanist training and diverse culture interests. And they made the process of designing the house far more of a collaborative venture. For sure than most of Palladio’s other projects. Hence the farm had all the functions in the ground floor. Therefore it’s in the living area of the piano nobile that the brothers show their most refined aspect. It is where Veronese made a series of frescoes that has no equal anywhere in northern Italy. In front of the villa stands the Tempietto of Palladio.

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The Tour includes:
– 8 seat minivan with professional driver;
– Professional guide;
– Highway tolls, parking fees;
– Entrance ticket to the villas of visit.

The Tour doesn't include:
– Lunch;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– this is a full day excursion with an 8 seat van and professional driver;
– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice, Padua and Treviso. From other locations contact us;
– this is a shared day excursion with minimum 4 people up to 8;
– The service is confirmed with minimum 4 places purchased;
– For a private service please contact us.


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