Malcontenta, Emo, Barbaro, Cornaro, Palladio villas

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Day excursion to see 4 works by Andrea Palladio with a professional multilingual driver. This day excursion is for people that are looking to discover just villas built by Palladio. For any doubt, please contact us before booking


Malcontenta, Emo, Barbaro, and Cornaro are the 4 masterpieces of Palladio that you see on this day tour. As a result, all of them are in the Veneto region. This excursion is made by a professional multilingual driver. For a detailed visit, we suggest a professional guide.

Villa Foscari “La Malcontenta”

This is one of the most known palladian villas close to Venice. And which Palladio executed for the brothers Nicolò and Alvise Foscari about the end of the 1550s. Hence Villa la Malcontenta rises in an isolated block with no agriculture annexes. And also, on the edge of the lagoon and the banks of the river Brenta. More than a “villa-farm”, la Malcontenta was a palladian villa suburbana.

Villa Emo in Fanzolo

Most probably the construction of the Villa Emo is in between the years 1557 and 1560. And in those years the noble Venetian people accept the architect. Hence the design of this Palladian villa is late than Villa Barbaro at Maser and Villa Badoer in Fratta. With which Villa Emo shares the general setting. However Leonardo Emo is the owner. And he marries Francesco Badoer’s nephew in 1565. Therefore in the villa, the painter Zelotti made the frescoes of the main rooms. Seems like he was partner and collaborator of Veronese.

Villa Barbaro in Maser

In the 1550s, Palladio made this villa for the Barbaro brothers at Maser. Hence it was an important threshold for the architect to define a new type of country buildings. For the first time, the manor house and the barchesse of villa Barbaro are in the same line. As a result to make a compact architecture unity. And this phenomenon is probably due to the position of this Palladian villa. In fact, at Maser, the location of Villa Barbaro is on the slopes of a hill. Hence, the linear disposition means a nice view from the road below. Otherwise, for the conformation of the terrain, it had need costly system of terraces. Due also for the barchesse arranged according to the course of the slope.

Villa Cornaro in Piombino

This Palladian villa is built in the village of Piombino Dese. And the owner was a patrician of Venice. It is more a country residence than a villa. However, it is far from the agriculture estate and its dependencies. While its position on the public street emphasizes the ambivalence of the structure. Furthermore, fireplaces are present in all the rooms. The Villa is on two floors with double portico. And the harmony of the interior spaces is important. In fact, the sum of the sizes of the various rooms was deemed “most perfect” in the renaissance architecture. The frescoes of the visited area represent scenes of the Old Testament.

Villa Cornaro – private residence

May – September
Open: Saturday 3.30pm – 6 pm

All the villas are in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from di areas of Venice, Padua, Vicenza, or Treviso. From other locations contact us.


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