Medieval town Cittadella, Marostica day excursion

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Full day excursion to visit the walled medieval towns of Cittadella and Marostica with a professional multilingual driver. This tour is to discover the middle ages period. For any doubt, please contact us before booking


Medieval town Cittadella

Medieval town Cittadella, a well-preserved town of the Middle Ages. In fact, the Carraresi lords of Padua built it in the years 1220-21. In the detail, the Carraresi create their military and administrative strategic center in the medieval town Cittadella. Hence the position of this walled town is at the intersection of two main roads.  The first road is the one that connects  Padua to Bassano from south to north. And the second road is the directrix from Treviso to Vicenza that goes from east to west. Most of all, this road was part of the larger system of the Roman Decumanus Maximus Via Postioma. Therefore, this location was the strength of Cittadella.

For sure the history of Cittadella is marked by the war events that affected the region. Ezzelino da Romano conquers the town in 1237. But Cittadella passes to the Scaligers of Verona in 1319 and to the Visconti of Milan in 1389. Hence, it returns back in the hands of Padua until 1405 when it passes to Venice. And again there are other dominations that succeed in less than one century. As a result, we find Roberto Sanseverino in the year 1483, and the Malatesta in 1504. At the end, Cittadella returns to the Venetians after the war against the League of Cambrai (1509).


The town of Marostica is one of the most important sites of the middle age in the Veneto region. It takes the appearance of a fortified town thanks to the Scaligers, Lords of Verona. Hence in Marostica, we find two castles. The upper castle on the top of the hill that nowadays it is just a ruin. And the lower castle that is in perfect condition. As we can see, a fortified wall links the two castles of Marostica.

And most relevant, just in front of the lower Castle, there is the Chess square. Here, since 1954, they perform a chess challenge with alive people. An event where the participants play with the costumes of the Renaissance. As a result, it is an important event of the town of Marostica. It is held once every two even years, in the first week of September. The next one is on 2018!

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The Tour includes:
– 7 seat minivan with a professional multilingual driver;

The Tour doesn't include:
– Professional guide in Cittadella;
– Professional guide in Marostica;
– Entrance ticket to the walls and museum in Cittadella;
– Entrance ticket to the lower castle of Marostica.
– Lunch;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– this is a full day excursion with a 7 seat van and professional driver;
– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice, Padua, Treviso or Vicenza. From other locations contact us.


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