Pisani, Pojana, Bonetti, Badoer, Saraceno, Palladio

 150,00 Vat incl.

min 4 to max 8 people

Day excursion to see 6 works by Andrea Palladio. This tour doesn’t include a professional guide, this day excursion is for people that are looking to discover just buildings built by Palladio. Most of them are private residence, not open to the public. 6 masterpieces included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Villa Pisani in Montagnana, Villa Pojana, Villa Pisani Bonetti, Villa Badoer, Villa Saraceno and Villa Trissino Meledo di Sarego. For any doubt, please contact us before booking


Pisani in Montagnana is one of the 6 works of Palladio for this day excursion. Hence the location is in the south of the Veneto region.


In the 1552 he designs this building to his friend Francesco Pisani. Hence the project takes place in the neighborhood of the village of Montagnana. And noteworthy Pisani was a noble of Venice. Furthermore, he was the patron and the friend of important artists. For sure such as Veronese and Maganza. And as well as Vittoria and Palladio. These last two artists work in the construction and decoration of his home. Anyway, the building was in progress in September 1553. For sure in 1555 the works end with the sculpture decorations. And for the first time, a two-storey portico of engaged columns and a two-storey loggia crowned with pediments appear in a villa. In addition, a doric frieze surrounds the whole building. On the garden front, the façade of the wall takes on life in the plastic excavation of the portico and the upper loggia.

Villa Pisani in Montagnana – private residence


This villa is designed with an unusual appearance. But the actual construction of villa Pojana doesn’t quite follow the original project. Anyhow the central section dates back the 1566 while the left wing is from the 18th century. Furthermore, on the sides of the front staircase, G Albanese (1568) made the statues of Jove and Neptune. And in the interiors, the artists B India and A Canera made the 16th century frescoes. The stuccoes are works of B Ridolfi.

Villa Pojana – Regione del Veneto
Open Wednesday to Friday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm // 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Winter period: by appointment only


The Chapter XIV of the Second Book of Palladio begins with this villa. This book treats of “Villas of some noble Venetians”. However, villa Pisani Bonetti dates back in between the 1541 and the 1542. And the union of the classic triumph arc and the type of medieval towers is particular. Furthermore, the frieze on the façade is the symbol of the noble counts of Bagnolo.

Villa Pisani in Bagnolo – private residence
The Villa is open all year round by appointment


This villa dates back to the 1554 and the owner was the Venitian noble Francesco Badoer. Hence it’s in the south of the territory, in the flat and foggy country of Polesine. However, the building rises on the site of an ancient medieval castle. And Here Palladio has connect the manor house to the two barchesse that are in semicircle. Hence this solution protects the stables and the annexes. Furthermore, the manor house of the villa rises on a high basement. Most of all it recalls important precedents. First of all the Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano. And Villa dei Vescovi not far.

Villa Badoer – private association
Open Saturday, Sunday 9.30 am – 12.30 am // 3.00 pm – 6.30 pm
Holidays: August 15th, December 8th, December 26th
Closed: December 25th
Other opening time by reservation.


At the end of the 1540s, the noble Saraceno calls the architect to redesign an existing farm. The site was at Finale di Agugliaro. And also the area was a property of his family. Seems like the project of Palladio was to remodel the whole complex. For sure in the Quattro Libri he shows the building clamped between two great right-angled barchesse. But the whole restoration remains unfinished. And as a result, the Palladio’s intervention was just to the manor block. On the right side of the farm-yard the buildings are still Quattrocento. While the barchessa was from the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Villa Saraceno – Landmark Trust
Open from 1st April to 31st October:
Wednesday 2.00pm – 4.00pm


This small building is only a part of a majestic complex. And the project was for the Trissino family. Therefore the design in “The Four Books of Architecture” locates the dwelling on the hilltop site.  And also it shows four façades and several porches. Close to the villa we find the original gothic house.

Villa Trissino Meledo di Sarego – private residence
To be visited only by appointment from April to November:
from 10.00am to noon and 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Other Palladio’s works day excursions are in the section “Villas and Palaces by Palladio“.

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The Tour includes:
– vehicle hire with professional driver;
– Highway tolls, parking fees.

The Tour doesn't include:
– Entrance ticket to the villas of visit;
– Professional guide;
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from di areas of Venice, Padua, Vicenza, and Treviso. From other locations contact us;
– this is a shared day excursion with minimum 4 people up to 8;
– The service is confirmed with minimum 4 places purchased;
– For a private service please contact us.


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