Valpolicella Bardolino day excursion

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Day excursion with a professional driver to visit the Valpolicella, land of the Amarone, and the Bardolino wine regions. A wine and food tasting in two cellars. For any doubt, please contact us before booking


Valpolicella Bardolino wine regions

Valpolicella Bardolino wine regions, this is a full day excursion to visit those areas. the wine region of the Valpolicella and the Bardolino docg is located in the Veneto region, between Verona and the southeastern part of the Garda lake. With a professional driver, you will visit 2 wineries (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to taste some excellent local wines and, of course, the Amarone!


The Valpolicella area is in the province of Verona, the northwest of the city. Hence close to the reliefs in between Verona and the Adige Valley near to the Lake Garda. As a result, here the landscape has a mild temperature thanks to the sun exposure. We find almost a Mediterranean climate, where we can see the gentle slopes of vineyards and olive groves, dotted with cypress trees.

Negrar, Marano and Fumane

It is important to know that the set of three major valleys creates the Valpolicella. Hence almost parallel and sloping from north to south (those of Negrar, Marano and Fumane). And they form an area of undulating hills and gentle slopes of the Valpolicella. Also of small gathered hollows. As a result, they range from 80m above sea level along the river Adige, to 1540mt of the watershed from Trentino region. The landscape has evocative variety of panoramas.

The type of rock of this area is sedimentary. And since the ancient time, we have the extraction and the processing of Verona marble and Prun Stone. Hence also used for the construction of the ancient buildings of Verona, of Venice and some other Italian cities.

Red wines

But most of all in the Valpolicella they make very nice red wines. And for sure the most important and well known all over the world is the Amarone. In the 6th century, Cassiodorus praises the great quality of the Acinaticus. And the production of that wine was in the Valpolicella. Hence, we can consider the Amarone to be a descendant of this Acinaticus. For sure a wine well praised in ancient times. But seems like the ancestor of the Acinaticus was different to the Amarone. In fact It was a dense and sweetish wine that was more similar to the Recioto.

Bardolino Classico

The Bardolino is an ancient wine. And as a result, the area of the production of this wine includes, in whole or in part, 16 municipalities. Most of all we are in the Veneto region between the Lake Garda and its hinterland. In the detail, a red wine with the Bardolino DOC appellation since 1968. And controlled and guaranteed in the case of Bardolino Superiore.

The climate

The south-eastern side of the Lake Garda is distinguished by a gentle climate. And also the mild winters and the temperate summers determine the character of the grapes and the wine of the Bardolino. Most of all the soil is almost of morainic origin and in part fluvioglacial.

Bardolino wine (which takes its name from the place of production) comes from a blend of grapes of different vines. A wine with a light ruby red color, which turns into garnet with the aging process. Or pink in the Chiaretto. The taste is dry and slightly bitter, with light tips of fizzy.

Other wine regions day excursions are in the section “Wine and Food“.

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The Tour includes:
– 7 seat minivan with a professional driver;

The Tour doesn't include:
– cost of the visit and wine tasting of 2 wineries;
– professional guide;
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– this is a full day excursion with a 7 seat van and professional driver;
– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice, Padua, Treviso or Vicenza. From other locations contact us.


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