Verona, Valpolicella wine region day tour

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min 4 to max 8 people

Full day excursion to visit the town of Verona and to taste the wine of the Valpolicella area. This day tour includes an 8 seat van with professional driver. You will have a morning free time in Verona to discover the town of Romeo and Juliet, with a roman amphitheater used on summer during the opera season. On the afternoon, you will visit a winery and taste some excellent local wines and, of course, the Amarone! For any doubt, please contact us before booking



Verona stands on the banks of the Adige that is the second longest river in Italy. And, it flows to the Adriatic sea against a hilly backdrop of the Italian Prealps. Hence, this town is the second art center in the Veneto region. Of course just after Venice.
Verona is a city that had a lot of influences from centuries. And they are visible until the present day. First of all, in Verona there is a famous monument that dates back to the Roman Empire. As a result, the amphitheater stands out in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. Hence, they use it now for the opera season (July and August), the concerts and some important shows.


In the Middle Ages Verona becomes one of the most important cities thanks to the Lordship of the Scaliger. And the Castelvecchio (Old Castle), where now we find the museum of the city, was the residence of the lords. For sure the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore worth a visit. First of all, it is a splendid example of the Romanesque style. And Inside Mantegna made a masterpiece that is the altarpiece of San Zeno. And in the historic center, the Cathedral and St Anastasia are the sites to visit. Like also the whole complex of the monuments in the two main squares with the Scaliger arches.


Since the beginning of the fifteenth century, the Venetians influenced a lot this town. First of all, with the construction of wonderful palaces.
And therefore, the Venetian Republic collapses at the end of the 18th century. Hence, the french army first and then the Austrians conquer the town. As a result,  the Austrians will make a lot of military buildings.


Nowadays, the Juliet house with its balcony is one of the most visited places by tourists! And for sure it is so famous for the Shakespearean tragedy that blends legend and reality.


The Valpolicella area is in the province of Verona, the northwest of the city. Hence close to the reliefs in between Verona and the Adige Valley near to the Lake Garda. As a result, the landscape of the Valpolicella has a mild temperature thanks to the sun exposure. We find almost a Mediterranean climate, where we can see the vineyards and olive groves, dotted with cypress trees.


But most of all in the Valpolicella they make very nice red wines. And for sure the most important and well known all over the world is the Amarone. In the 6th century, Cassiodorus praises the great quality of the Acinaticus. And the production of that wine was in the Valpolicella. Hence, we can consider the Amarone to be a descendant of this Acinaticus. For sure a wine well praised in ancient times. But seems like the ancestor of the Acinaticus was different to the Amarone. In fact, it was a dense and sweetish wine that was more similar to the Recioto. For sure, today the Amarone is one of the well known Italian wines.


It is important to know that the set of three major valleys creates the Valpolicella. Hence almost parallel and sloping from north to south. And they form an area of undulating hills and gentle slopes. Also of small gathered hollows. As a result, they range from 80m above sea level along the river Adige, to 1540mt of the watershed from Trentino region. The landscape has evocative variety of panoramas.

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The Tour includes:
– 8 seat minivan with professional driver;
– Visit and wine tasting of one winery;

The Tour doesn't include:
– Professional guide;
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– this is a full day excursion with an 8 seat van and professional driver;
– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from Venice, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza. From other locations contact us;
– this is a shared day excursion with minimum 4 people up to 8;
– The service is confirmed with minimum 4 places purchased;
– For a private service please contact us.


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