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Day excursion to visit 3 villas and the Olympic Theatre made by Andrea Palladio, 4 masterpieces included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Villa Almerigo Capra “La Rotonda”, Villa Caldogno, Villa Godi Malinverni and the Olympic Theatre. This sightseeing tour is made with a professional guide.
One or all the buildings can be closed for events or force majeure. Please contact us before booking.



Villas theatre Palladio day excursion is a tour with a professional guide. As a result, you will visit 4 masterpieces of the Veneto region that are in the Unesco world heritage list.


This masterpiece of Palladio is the most famous of the Venetian villas. For sure the symbol and the architecture synthesis of this great phenomenon. As well as one of the most important and imitated of our history. Hence the idea at the base of the villa La Rotonda is simple, almost schematic. In fact, a cube masonry concluded by a dome and enriched, at the façades, by four pronaoses. Hence the pronaos with hexastyle of ionic order preceded by wide staircases. In conclusion, all the four sides of the villa La Rotonda are equal. This simple combination is of a harmony and of an absolute perfection. As a result, villa La Rotonda is a building that influences anyone who sees it. One of the few works of architecture able to talk to anyone, of any time and every country.


Palladio’s last work is one of his greatest. Hence the construction of the Olympic theatre begins in the 1580, just before Palladio died. And his pupil Scamozzi completes it. Therefore the theater is a wood and stucco festival. Furthermore, we can see classic columns, statues and a stage bursting with perspective tricks. And behind the stage, framed by a triumphal arch, five streets recede at different angles. In contrast to the stunning stage, the audience’s wooden benches are simple and crude. The Olympic theater is one of the oldest indoor theaters in Europe and one of the world’s best. And it still uses for performances. In conclusion villas and theatre by Palladio in Vicenza.


The villa Caldogno dates back to the 1570. And the owner was Angelo Caldogno. Therefore the façade is harmonious. Due to its three vaulted openings framed with large stones. However, in villa Caldogno a flight of steps leads to the loggia. The tympanum gives further emphasis to the rusticated frame of the great arches. And in contrast to the smooth and luminous façade. Furthermore, G A Fasolo, G B Zelotti, A Maganza and G Carpioni have painted beautiful frescoes in various rooms of Villa Caldogno. And we decide to add also this villa in the villas and theatre by Palladio itinerary.

Villa Caldogno – town hall building
Opening days
Saturday: 9:00-12:00 / 15:00-18:00
Sunday: 9:00-12:00


Completed in 1542, the villa stands in a huge park you a large panoramic view. Villa Godi Malinverni is one of the first “villa homes”, if not the very first one, of Andrea Palladio. For sure conceived before the journey in Rome that will give to his whole work an accentuated classic imprint. Hence in this villa the middle part is recessed and opened in the piano nobile by a triple-arch loggia. Hence, the architecture of the Villa Godi Malinverni harks back to the late Gothic palace. Overall, a conception more closed, more severe than that Palladio elaborates in the rest of all his works. Inside magnificent cycle of frescoes decorating the main rooms of the villa.

In conclusion, Villas theatre Palladio day excursion is the perfect tour to combine important works of the architect in the province of Vicenza.

The section “Villas and Palaces by Andrea Palladio” reports other day excursions of the architect.

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The Tour includes:
– vehicle hire with professional driver;
– Professional guide;
– Highway tolls, parking fees;
– Entrance ticket to the villas of visit.

The Tour doesn't include:
– clients lunch/dinner;
– gratuities;
– what it is not reported on "tour includes"


– the price is calculated for an excursion starting from di areas of Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, and Treviso. From other locations contact us;
– this is a shared day excursion with minimum 4 people up to 7;
– The service is confirmed with minimum 4 places purchased;
– For a private service please contact us.


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