Melfi castle medieval town Basilicata Italy, important city walls in southern Italy. the Swabian and Angevin walls were further extended by the Aragonese feudataries Caracciolo and enhanced to make it resistant to new fire weapons, like the bombards and mines.
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Castle routes, Middle Ages

Middle Ages, medieval walled towns, fortresses and watching towers were part of a network system to control the land. Italy, for its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean, passed by different dominations for centuries. As a result, there was a proliferation of fortified settlements that we can see until now.

A day excursion focused on the Middle Ages theme is to be part of a period that feed our childhood fantasy. All the country is dotted with medieval sites that your professional driver will propose you during your private tour. For a deep knowledge, most of these excursions are proposed also with a local guide.