Belluno panoramic view east Dolomites one of the art cities Veneto region

Eastern Dolomites gateway

Belluno is an art city known as the “Little Venice of the mountain” located in a nice geographic position, on a high natural terrace at the confluence of the Ardo torrent in the Piave river. The city center is well compact with nice sites preservation where we can find monuments of the XVth and the XVIth centuries. And due for its position, we can enjoy large panoramic views over the Dolomites.

The Piave river

Furthermore, the Piave river descends from the heart of the Dolomites and here it describes a wide curve to the west, flows between the spurs of the Dolomites to the north and the Prealps to the south. The wide furrow of this river that extends then to Feltre takes the name of Val Belluna. And most relevant, the green and relaxing landscape makes this town suitable for promenades and quiet excursions.

The Dolomites

Belluno is also the most important city of the eastern Dolomites, mountains reported in the Unesco World Heritage site.The wealth of this region is wood that had a primary relevance on the local history. Thanks to the river Piave, local rafters supplied Venice with fir trunks for centuries.

The History

Belluno was an independent commune in the Middle Ages until 1404 when the town came under the aegis of the Venetian Republic. The best way to visit this place is to have a walk in its historic center along Rialto street through the XIIIth century gateway Porta Dojona. Furthermore, discover the large square of Piazza del Mercato bordered with arcaded Renaissance houses, as well as the whole complex with the cathedral and some historic public buildings.

Worth a visit also the town of Feltre grouped around its castle. It is a place that has kept part of its ramparts.

Belluno, East Dolomites

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