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The floating city, queen of the Adriatic

Venice, capital of the Veneto region, is a magic town unique of all the art cities and arrives at the present day intact and fascinating thanks to the continuing work of man who was able to protect it. As well as from all kinds of internal and external threats over the centuries. However, this is a city created on the water with an ecosystem that Venice preserves to save the hydraulic environment of the lagoon. And thanks also to the expertise of the scientists and the technology, with important finance resources flow it is supplied a territory program of high strategic breadth.

Human dream

Most of all Venice was the union of trade between land and sea, the connection between Orient and Occident. The town was able to determine and to govern from the center of the system (the lagoon) flows of capital, goods, knowledge and ideas. It’s been for over a century the center of the Mediterranean, and therefore of the world trade. In its golden and voluptuous sunset, Venice has been able to be the European capital of the theater, of festivals and of the joy of life. the desire of every intellect. The city is for all mankind the unattainable dream of a timeless place. Perhaps the Morgana of an impossible and different life.

Venice, between water and sky

This city transmits always amazement and admiration. The island rises four kilometers far from the mainland and two from the Adriatic sea. Therefore, it has more than a hundred islands and canals, over four hundred bridges and one single square (as you know, the others are “campi” and “campielli”). At the same time real and unreal, it seems that arises from nothing between the water and the sky. Its long and glorious politic and artistic season lasted a millennium with 120 doges. For a while, its history was not a chapter of the Italian one but it was in a broader scope. Hence it was for over a century the center of the Mediterranean and thus of the world trade.

And as a result, now Venice and its lagoon are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Venice art city - Unesco world heritage

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