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Sightseeing in Italy

Sightseeing in Italy offers themed day excursion reserved for small groups. As a result, this homepage is divided into 3 main sections, a solution that will help you in your search. The first part shows a list of different themed day excursion available. In the second section, you can select one of the regions of Italy. Last but not least, the third part is a search following a themed excursion. As you can see, the Veneto region is well presented for most of your tourist needs. We continue to work on the rest of the regions for your sightseeing in Italy.

Categories of our themed day excursion

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Le Castella Aragonese fortress Capo Rizzuto, province of Crotone, Calabria
The regions of Italy

In this section, we have divided the country of Italy into 5 main areas that include all the regions. For your sightseeing in Italy, you can have some helpful tips concerning the region of your interest. Just click on it to find some historic information or different themed arguments, and the day excursions that we propose.

… choose your area of interest to have information, ideas and a taste of the beauty of each region!!!


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Italy - The Islands

Villa Emo by Palladio

“Know’st thou the land where the lemon-trees bloom, Where the gold orange glows in the deep thicket’s gloom, Where a wind ever soft from the blue heaven blows, And the groves are of laurel and myrtle and rose?”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Themed day excursions

Themed day excursion search

In this section, you can explore around our website clicking on the theme of your interest. As you will find, for your sightseeing in Italy, some day excursions are a mix of different themes. This is the perfect way that we suggest to discover unique treasures of this country.

art cities italy


Some useful information of mainly the capital cities of the 110 provinces. These cities give an indelible imprint and a profound testimony in the history of our past. Sightseeing in Italy, walking through streets and paths, we can move from works that date back to the Etruscan period and the Roman Empire. As well as the Byzantine, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

italian artists


As early as the middle ages and in spite of the regional diversities, Italian artists were already beginning to show certain common characteristics. As a result, a shared taste for harmony and solidity of form,  as well as an innate sense of space inherited from the Classical culture. The Italian art is characterized by a sense of harmony and restraint, not present in other artistic traditions.

Lake Misurina, Dolomite mountains Italy


Over time, the powerful work of glaciers and rivers, the refined and imaginative one of winds and rains began to shape, to level or emphasize, to fill or to empty and then, with strokes of color, to give life to the prairies, forests, and lakes. As a result, sometimes open and friendly, sometimes inaccessible and disturbing that always have aroused admiration, awe and respect…

outdoor activities


The Bel Paese (beautiful country) is, without doubt, the ideal place to satisfy every wish of outdoor activities! In fact, you can discover and you can be an active part of the most incredible museum that you visit: mother nature. Hence in its full respect, you will penetrate into its beauties to be nourished by its charm, feast for your five senses! This is a wonderful country able to satisfy all your wishes.

made in italy


Made in Italy is one of the ancient prestige which is based on creativity that combines quality and inventiveness. Our goal is to display these excellences per region. Unique, handcrafted, where each product tells a story. Often these products belong to the ancient culture of the place, to an art that is passed down from generation to generation. This is love, a pure sentiment of Made in Italy.

wine, beer and food


Despite a globalization that seeks to change habits with new rules. As well as despite a social reorganization in Occident and throughout the world, here the traditions remain steady. In fact, thanks to such a global change, there is an awakening of the Italian way of life. In particular, to protect in all ways unique products, excellences envied and imitated all over the world. The perfect framework, where gastronomy is art, to discover during your sightseeing in Italy.

the middle ages


The Castle still remains the undisputed symbol of the Middle Ages. Though the term is used to indicate fortresses dating far later on. In the most common form, the “classic” Castle with tall towers is developed approximately from the year 1000 to 1400. But the physiognomy changes completely when firearms were used during sieges at fortresses. During your sightseeing in Italy, you can touch the walls and be inspired by its energy!

culture and leisure


Culture and leisure is the perfect way to fill different experiences in the same day excursion, during your day tour. In fact, like a puzzle, you can add in your journey the different solutions offered by Italy to the Traveler. You can climb a mountain to find incredible treasures of the first world war, or you can decide to be in a Roman amphitheater date back the II century… Play your game

Cruise Terminal Trieste Italy


This sightseeing excursion proposal is reserved for all cruise passengers that embark and/or disembark from the cruise. I have a question for you: how many time you arrived at the cruise terminal area too early and you were waiting in the terminal to be embarked for at least half day? Or, more commune, how stressful is when you disembark within 10 am and you have your flight late in the afternoon? This page is for you!

cycling along Sile river, venice area, Italy


Great little travels, riding a bicycle through treasures of nature. Most of all, the rivers represented the first communication routes, real water roads that allowed easier and safer trade than by land. Today, those walkways have become excellent cycle paths with the possibility to reach places of extraordinary beauty. As well as to enjoy the view of every single area, thanks to the peculiarities of the cycling trip.

Leather masks handicraft in Venice

Renzo Sindoca, master leather craftsman, tames and models leather to create masks that are works of art of indescribable beauty. A result obtained thanks to his creativity and a touch of madness that only true artists have in their DNA. The mask in...

Frederick II Holy Roman Empire Emperor

Who was Frederick II? Frederick II was the son of Emperor Henry VI of the Hohenstaufen dynasty and Constance d'Altavilla daughter of Roger II founder of the Norman monarchy of southern Italy. Frederick was born in Jesi, a town of the province of...

Risotto Italian dish rice history

Risotto and rice in the Italian culture Risotto and rice in the Italian territory. Today, Italy is considered the paddy field of Europe for its considerable cultivation of this cereal. especially the region of the Po Valley between Piedmont and...

Roman Empire Centuriation land subdivision

The Roman Empire Centuriation, engineering masterpiece Roman Empire Centuriation, what it is and how was the utilization management? Well, the land is one of the most important "monuments" of the Roman period. Hence the division of the land into...

Beatrice I d’Este monastery Euganean Hills

The Euganean hills, site of Hermits and monasteries In the northeastern of Italy, there is a mystic area full of charm. And I talk about the Euganean Hills, a landscape dotted with churches, hermitages, and monasteries. In the Veneto region, this...

Saint Luke blessed Virgin Sanctuary Bologna

The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Saint Luke Saint Luke Sanctuary is an important religious site of the city of Bologna, located along the Via Emilia roman road in Emilia Romagna region. It stands atop a forested hill, the “Colle della Guardia”,...

Biodiversity garden Padua UNESCO world heritage

The world’s oldest university garden Padua is an important art and pilgrimage center. And in this blog, I decided to write about the biodiversity garden. The History of the Botanical garden of Padua We are at the time of the Middle Ages in the town...

Marostica castle human chess game

Marostica castle: the human chess game Marostica castle and its traditions, the stories, and the customs. in the detail, the representation of the past in a chess game. Is it possible to do it? The answer is yes, and it is staged in a masterly way in...

Luxury shoes along Brenta Riviera

Luxury shoes, a peculiarity of the Veneto region Luxury shoes production located along the Brenta canal, between the towns of Venice and Padua. I was looking for some information on bike paths this waterway between Venice and Padua when a news...

Brenta Riviera waterway Venetian villas

The waterway between Venice and Padua Brenta Riviera waterway in the Veneto region, an area well known for the luxury shoe handicraft. It is perhaps the most famous and attended itinerary among those suggested to visit the Venetian villas. A waterway...

500 years of the Ghetto in Venice

March 29th 1516 - March 29th 2016: 500 years of the Ghetto in Venice 500 years of the Ghetto in Venice, the Jewish community prepares to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the Ghetto established by the Republic of Venice. On March 29th...

Roman Empire, birth of Venice North Adriatic sea

The northern lagoon of Venice Roman Empire, a deep imprint in the northern lagoon of Venice. Some weeks ago, we received an invitation for 2 days educational in the northern area of the Venetian lagoon. In the detail, CISET, the International Centre...

Treviso red chicory route Sile river

Treviso red chicory and the Sile river Treviso red chicory, in this post, I will report an interesting educational done by the association "Strada del Radicchio Rosso di Treviso e Variegato di Castelfranco". First of all, let's say of which part of...

Cittadella, fortified medieval town

Cittadella, a Middle Ages site The last memory of Cittadella I had was quite disappointing. A fast visit to the center with part of the walls from the outside that had appeared almost abandoned. And then the interest disappears preferring other...

Merano, South Tyrol spa resort Passeier Valley

Fam trip to Merano, South Tyrol Merano, in Passeier Valley South Tyrol.  It all starts in Milano Marittima, a pleasant beach resort along the Adriatic Riviera in Emilia Romagna region, during the Full Contact event of Ediman (June 2015). The meeting...