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The northern lagoon of venice

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Daniel Tesfamikael

Some weeks ago, we received an invitation for a 2 days educational localized in the northern area of the Venetian lagoon. In the detail, the research objectives and action plans were realized by CISET, the International Centre for Studies on Tourism Economics of Venice Ca’ Foscari University. And the person in charge of the project representation was Ms Sabrina Meneghello that made really an excellent job.


Hence now let’s see of what we are talking about. As a result, on the website of “Sightseeing in Italy“, I describe the Veneto region writing about the Veneti civilizations. In the detail, they were the inhabitants of the northeastern part of Italy. For sure centuries before the domination of the Roman Empire. And I ended that article reporting some important roads built by the Romans in this area.

The Roman Empire roads

However, this Educational starts from this period of our History. Hence talking about a very important roman site crossed by the road known as “Via Annia“. And the site is ALTINO. This town was also reached by another very important roman road. We talk about the “Via Claudia Augusta” that connected this part of the region with Germany. As a result, via Annia from Est to West and Via Claudia Augusta from here to North were the two main roads of Altino. In conclusion, it becomes one of the most important trade centers of the region. In conclusion, thanks to this site, we can understand the process from Roman Empire to the birth of Venice.

The town of Altino, from Roman Empire to the birth of Venice

Like today, the area was facing the lagoon, crossed by important rivers and canals. And most of all, it was not far from the Adriatic sea. During the VIth and VIIth centuries, due basically for the climate reason, the inhabitants of Altino start to move. As a result, in the islands located in the middle of the lagoon starting from Torcello. And, as follow, with other locations that will be founded. In conclusion, thanks to this event, we can start to talk about how the future Venice will be born.

Altino was a very important commercial center, with theaters, the forum, and the Domus. In fact, the town plan was provided with public buildings planned in the common urban models. Hence, along the lagoon coast, famous villas were erected… Unfortunately, today nothing is left, nature has covered all this period. But there is a very interesting archaeological museum that retraces all the events.


The town that presents this educational is Quarto d’Altino, the perfect solution for the traveler where to stay. In fact, lots of facilities are offered, starting from “Altinum Welcome Card“. As follow, you will be surprised by how easily you can move in the area discovering treasures that you don’t expect. This is the real way to reach Venice, a system used for centuries that now we can discover thanks to the investments done by this municipality. In particular, by its mayor Ms Silvia Conte and all the structures that believe in this project.

Just enter in Venice by its natural way: the Water. And do it slowly where your soul mingles with nature, trust me.

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