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Veneto culture and leisure

The day tour in the Veneto region

Veneto culture and leisure takes care of some day excursions made thanks to the themes of this region. In the detail, the themes are Andrea Palladio, the Dolomites, and the Medieval Towns. As well as the Outdoor Activities, Wine and Food and the Art Cities. Hence you can discover a single theme in a day tour, or you can combine them that is the best solution. As a result, there is a link between all of them, and they offer a wide range of argument. For sure, they can satisfy all of your needs.

A region with many faces. Therefore, the Veneto is a land of deep contrasts located in the Northeast of Italy. You know that this region extends from the peaks of the eastern Dolomites to the Po Delta. In addition, it goes along the foothills of the Prealps, and you can discover its beautiful cities.

Well, the first rule for a nice stay in the Veneto is to choose a specific itinerary. And then, just follow the unforeseen. Few regions like this, to those who know how to grasp them, can offer suggestions so unexpected. Anyway, there is no just one dimension to the visit. So, the secret is to proceed quietly.

Just something about the art

About Veneto culture and leisure, here are some tips. In the town of Verona, there is one of the most important monuments of the north of Italy. And we talk about the amphitheater that dates back the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, the constructions on the mainland were in the Romanesque and Gothic style. Worth a note, the period is the thirteenth and the fourteenth centuries. However, at those times, they used bricks of the Padana valley to the buildings. And as we know, Giotto made some works in Padua in the fourteenth century. Furthermore, in the fifteenth century, the city was the center of the Renaissance. For sure thanks to the presence of the Florentine Donatello. But there was also a painter that starts the Venetian Renaissance. And his name was Andrea Mantegna.

Venetian painting

Well, In this century we can say that started the great age of the Venetian painting. Hence a high chapter of the art that will touch the European world. Because the painters of the town of Venice gave their contribution to that period. First of all, we talk about the Bellini family. As well the painters such as Carpaccio and Tintoretto. We have also other artists that came from the mainland. For sure you saw works of Cima da Conegliano, the Giorgione, the Titian and the Veronese. Furthermore, a great architect will shape the face of Vicenza. As well as the Venetian countryside which he disseminates with villas. Anyway, we talk about Andrea Palladio.

The Baroque

Even during its decline, Venice offers an art culture of high level. Most of all in the island the great architect of the Baroque was Longhena. He will be able to translate into the language of the lagoon also the baroque style. And it is also the triumph of the eighteenth century bright color. This thanks to Piazzetta and the Tiepolo. Hence, other painters were very active in Venice. As Guardi, the Canaletto, and Pietro Longhi.

The food in Veneto culture and leisure

Also the cooking traditions and practices of this region show a lot of imagination that change from place to place. In fact, it is a fine cuisine not so elaborate, made of poor ingredients and with balance in the taste.

For sure, it’s incredible the information that we can have in such a short distance. And also from one period to another of our history. In conclusion, we have a lot of solutions. And the excursions that we propose are just an example that we can suggest. Hence if you look for something tailor made, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As follow, the day excursions that we propose:

Bassano del Grappa during a day tour along the foothills of the Prealps

Along the foothills of the Prealps

Villa Emo by Palladio close to Castelfranco Veneto

Giorgione, Palladio, Prosecco

Villa Barbarigo garden south Euganean hills

South Euganean Hills, art and landscape

Roman amphitheatre Verona opera season

Verona and Valpolicella wine

Villa Pisani garden, along Brenta riviera waterway, between Venice and Padua

Villas, wine tasting Brenta river

Torcello Venice lagoon guided day excursion, from the roman empire to Venice origin with a bragozzo

The lagoon from Roman Empire to Venice origin

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