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Open air culture and leisure

The Veneto region provides a wide range of outdoor activities to any wish. Just moving from its sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea you will find lagoon areas that are of considerable interest to their ecosystem as the Po Delta. Because this is the place where the sea meets the land and the salt water mixes with the fresh water, the natural habitat of hundreds of sea and lagoon birds. A spectacular setting for photo enthusiasts, this is an area to discover with canoes or little boats adapted for the shallow waters of the lagoon.

The vast plain and the Po valley

And here is the vast plain with hundreds of rivers that gently flow from the high grounds to the sea. Hence it offers a lot of solutions for all nature lovers. Most of all the area is with zero elevation gain and the only difficulty can be a bridge. As a result, the nature lover is able to discover the treasures well preserved by the locals without great effort. Outdoor activities in Veneto region means hundreds of kilometers of walking, cycling trails,  waterways and, why not, balloon flights. Furthermore, the powered para-gliders or gliders can be some solutions to enjoy this incredible landscape.

The hills and the Veneto region outdoor activities 

Continuing we find a hilly region that includes also the entire area of the foothills of the pre-Alps mountains. Dotted with medieval castles and Venetian villas, These hills are famous worldwide for their spa and great locations for hiking and cycling. In conclusion, you will be in the middle of nature, discovering senses that fill all of your need!

The Pre-Alps and the Dolomites

And as follow here are the Dolomite mountains, breathtaking landscapes for their colors and scents. For sure, this is the place where you can find ALL of the mountains outdoor activities of the Veneto region.

Just below some outdoor activities that you can find in the Veneto area…


Outdoor excursions
Trekking along world war I sites

Trekking along world war I sites

The quantity and the quality of trails in our region that stretch out towards the Alps are remarkable that it is hard to choose. We are in front of the Dolomites known as Unesco Natural World Heritage site. Therefore a path along the world war I site is an alternative theme for a day excursion. Most of all the Grappa Massif area, in particular, we propose the one that rises from the Mount Tomba to the renovated military positions of the Monte Palon with the visit of the trenches, the bunkers and the underground emplacements. In conclusion, it is a path where the history, the nature and the landscape meet in a spectacular context. As a result, this excursion is an experience to understand the most important values of our life.

Rafting on the Brenta river

Rafting on the Brenta river

The adventure version is of high adrenaline and the family version is for everyone. As a result, the rafting allows you to live the river experience from a unique angle: from the inside! The Brenta river is famous for this activity because the water, coming form a lake, is regular and abundant if we compare it to other rivers in our area. Therefore the geologic and the geographic history links us to this waterway because one time it flowed where now passes the Piave River. And also it is a natural boundary between the area of our pre-alps and the Asiago Plateau. This is an unforgettable day, an endless succession of emotions to share with fellow of paddle along the river Brenta. Hence rafting means a new challenge for the participants.

Canyoning Veneto region


The Veneto region gives lots of beautiful sites to make this kind of activity. Although we give priority to the destinations that are close to us. Most of all, we have to consider that we are at the center of a region full of wonderful creeks that extend from Lombardy to Trentino,  as well to Austria, Slovenija and Croatia. However, canyoning is not among the extreme sports. In fact, with the normal precautions, anyone can practice it. When you decide to perform this activity, it is important to have familiarity with the water and the techniques of progression in nature. As well as a normal and healthy physical condition. An attention is given rather to the period in which to make your excursions that must be carried out in complete safety with our professional guide.

Speleology on the Montello hills

Speleology on the Montello hills

As well as for its history, this hill is important for its environment. First of all, the most distinctive feature is the composition of its rock and the conglomerate that make it sensible to the karst, with important phenomena shown by caves, sinkholes and springs, higher even to  those of the Friuli area from which takes its name the activity of erosion due to the action of water rich in carbon dioxide. As a result, in the Montello hills, they develop more than 90 natural caves, and one of which among the largest conglomerate in the world. In conclusion, this day excursion is a guided tour to have the opportunity to be familiar with the speleology. And also to experience a journey of “rebirth” from the womb of mother Earth.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

For this kind of activity, we have plenty of choice among the many proposals for environmental excursions that we offer. With a professional guide, the tour can run for a few hours to half day or full day activities; also on flat or mixed trails, with departure and arrival from the hotel; or reaching some interesting areas or villages by a vehicle. The Nordic Walking is a fun run, to do as outings and sports holidays dedicated to wellness, health and fun. It is considered as a technique that involves all the limbs. A sport so easy to do that it seems impossible it can be so healthy! For a best practice, the homogeneous paths as ground and gradient are better than those bumpy and fragmented. Solutions that you can find thanks to our clever professional guide.

Montain bike mill in the prosecco area

Mountain bike

This is the bicycle that more than all allows you to go anywhere, with all environment and climatic condition, even on the snow! Often there is not even the limit of common sense. Because they made this medium, since its origins, to tackle the most extreme challenges! Most of all, all the excursions are with the presence of a professional guide to ensure compliance with all required standards and a total safely itinerary. As a result, the itineraries are varied and range from excursions on lands completely flat, hilly or mountainous. Therefore our professional guide will suggest the ideal itinerary depending on the needs and condition of the excursionist. Lots of beautiful trails, with all levels of difficulty desirable, are waiting for you!