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Beaches Lakes Mountains

Beaches lakes mountains, these are the main component of Italy. This is an area that extends from the mountains to the hills, through the plains until the sea. With unique natural or human architecture elements known all over the world for their beauty.

The mountains and the fossils

And this is due to the continued work of nature. It can be mighty, or delicate as that of a sculptor. For sure, to whom all the territory must thank. From the same waters that still bathe the territory, hundreds of millions of years ago events changed all things. Because enormous forces have raised the huge layers of deposits and coral reefs from the seabed to the sky. As to prove that nothing can ever be taken for granted. And today, walking among majestic peaks and thick forests, we can find something almost unexpected. Set in the rock, wonderful fossils of ammonites, shells and many others.

The framework of the elements 

Over time, we have the powerful work of the glaciers and the rivers. Like also the refined and imaginative one of the winds and the rains. As a result, they began to shape, to level or emphasize, to fill or to empty. And then, with strokes of color, to give life to the prairies, the forests, and the lakes. Hence these elements are sometimes open and friendly, and sometimes inaccessible and disturbing. But they always have aroused admiration, awe and respect in the inhabitants or in the simple visitors.

The lakes resort 

The Italian lakes, large and small, have carved out over the years space always more relevant. Most of all they are in a suggestive naturalistic framework of the site. And also thanks to the growth of the receptive quality, you can find culture and sports activities. As well as recreation and gastronomy. Because the traveler can find a route through an area dotted with bright mirrors. For sure, each of which can offer an unforgettable holiday.

The excursion to the beach

The entire coast of Italy is an Eden for those who enjoy swimming, windsurfing, and the beach. As a result, you find a coast with its shallow waters and long beaches ideal for families with children. And also gulfs renowned for their crystalline purity and splendid colors. Hence striking views and beaches that nestle between the hills that lead down to the sea.

The beaches lakes mountains themed tours

For each region, we suggest some routes with stunning views. And also excursions that often combine with the local culture:

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