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Themed day excursions

Themed day excursions in Italy, a place that is the cradle of the Etruscans. As well as the Romans and the Byzantines. And also with traditions that pass from the different generations, from thousands of years. As a result, in a land dotted with medieval and renaissance towns, as well as many castles. Most of all, we find a mixture of styles and customs. Hence a day excursion is to discover the human wisdom, but also his fragility.

The meaning of life

Italy allows us to offer the excursion that can satisfy the thirst for knowledge of each of us. In the detail some themed day excursions like art and culture, food and wine, biking tours, wellness, nature, etc. Because the focus is to have the answers to our meaning of life. Finding the beauty of our land and the primary importance of the human being.

Your five senses

Stop for some minutes, close your eyes and empty your mind…  you need to download a lot of information and to feast your eyes on fabulous things. Like also to enjoy fresh and tasty food, and to touch objects to discover their quality. Hence you need to capture new fragrances, or just to hear the nature sounds… In conclusion, the themed day excursions in Italy means a feast for your five senses!

Italy and its traditions

Find yourselves immersed in a unique land, full of rivers and streams. Hence the flavors and the perfumes that reveal age-old traditions. As well as handicrafts that come to life through ancient skills and the treasures of art that reveal ancient history. All of them enriched by magnificence and mystery. As a result, you will discover Italy through its language, nature, sea, water sources, hills and mountains.

In conclusion, you can find a list of the day excursions in the “Book it now” page. And now let’s discover some of the cultures, landscapes and the history of this magic land with the following arguments:

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