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Culture and leisure

Culture and leisure, this option is a Must for all the travelers in Italy. For sure, this is the perfect solution to inspire the five senses. With this choice, we can have the opportunity to taste a little of different beauties and experience in the same day. Hence we can start our day excursion visiting a castle of the middle ages. And have a light lunch tasting local products in a peaceful place. Furthermore, we can discover buildings of the Renaissance and understand the way of living of each period.

The tailor made excursion

From north to south, we can plan your day tour moving by car, and also by bike. Or you can just walk along path dating back hundreds of years. In addition, you can stop in a monastery that still used by monks or that became a winery. Otherwise, you can enjoy just looking these beautiful landscapes drawn by mother nature. You can climb mountains, or just relax doing nothing in a sandy or rocky beach area. To all these, you can add some very interesting spot to eat and drink well. The solution is to stop in a trattoria with 3 or 4 tables, family owned, or high level restaurant…

The painting and the mosaic

Are you looking another way to spend your time in Italy? Well, just plan your vacation, as well as your day excursion, following a period of our history. It is interesting to find a connection with a product, a word, and a way of living in the world!

What about all the artists that nowadays they fill all the most important museums with their paintings? You can discover their place of birth, how they were living and their desires. Their works show us that their desires are more or less the same as ours!

You can see these frescoes on walls that date back the Etruscan time showing you a daily life of a family. Hence a hunting moment represented on a Roman period mosaic floor. And what we can say of those mosaics that date back the Byzantine time?

There is no end to knowledge!

As a result, this website will report a list of some day excursions in the “Culture and Leisure” page of each region: