Treviso medieval walled art city Veneto region to visit during a guided walking tour

Treviso medieval walled art city

Treviso is one of the art cities with medieval walls well preserved close to Venice. First of all, it is an important agriculture area and also with different sites of industries. Hence, the rivers Sile and Botteniga (or Cagnan) pass through Treviso. And since the 14th century, its fortunes were like those of Venice.


Anyway, the defensive walls of Treviso date back to 1500. Therefore a hydraulic system implemented these walls. And with this solution, they were able to flood the countryside as a further defense. Most of all this art city was the prime market of the mainland to the nearby Venice. Furthermore, a network of waterways connects the town. Treviso will take root in his aquatic nature with manufacturing products on the strength of the mills. And shaping its own urban structure on intricate flows of the channels.

Since the most ancient times, there is a strong connection between the inhabitants and the surrounding landscape. And fully exploited the potential offered by the nature of the place. As a result, this is what you can understand when you visit the historic center of Treviso.

The river Sile

The earliest settlement dates back to the 14th and the 13th century BC. And the location was a fluvial island in the river Sile. Therefore, the town expands over the centuries to the surrounding areas. And also, the reclamation works made inhabitable part of the landscape. Until the recent time, the river Sile that flows in the Veneto region was an important trading and communication route. Most of all, it connects with the Adriatic Sea. As a result, this gives the pleasant impression of a city whose history flows with the waterways that cross it.

In the Middle Ages, these waterways provided the motion necessary to tanneries, dyeing and paper mills. Now they give the urban tissue of an evocative and sincere place. As a result, to represent the image of Treviso city of water.

The courteous city 

Poets and troubadours sang the medieval Treviso. Much as an example of “courteous city”, rich, elegant, cultured and joyously sensual.

Treviso medieval walled art city

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