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Vicenza the town of Andrea Palladio

The UNESCO in Vicenza

Vicenza is an art city inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage List. It is for sure one of the art cities with some masterpieces of unmistakable beauty. First of all remarkable palaces are along the main street that has the name of Andrea Palladio. This street connects two entrance doors of a medieval wall. And today it is visible only the western side gate. For sure the most important period dates back to the sixteenth century. Because the greatest architect of all time settled in the town of Vicenza.

The Olympic Theatre

Hence we can see the Olympic Theatre that is one of the masterpieces of Palladio. As a result, it is the first and oldest indoor theatre in use until now. Furthermore, in the same square, there is another building of Palladio. And it is the Chiericati Palace that houses the civic museum. In the center, as well as Renaissance palaces, there are some important churches. In the detail, we can find the church of Santa Corona, San Lorenzo, and the cathedral.

The buildings

Therefore, the heart of the town is in three squares: Dei Signori (Lords), Delle Biade (Crops) and Delle Erbe (Herbs). As a result, in this area, we find some important buildings such as the Basilica and the Loggia. As well as the Torre di Piazza (the Tower Square), the Pawnshop and St Maria in Foro.

The outskirts of Vicenza

Furthermore, on the outskirts of the city, it is possible to reach the church of the Monte Berico. However, from here you can enjoy a great panorama on Vicenza and throughout the plain till the Pre Alps.
As follow, close to this area, there is the Villa Valmarana ai Nani famous for the frescoes of the Tiepolos (father and son). As well as the well known Villa La Rotonda, a masterpiece of Andrea Palladio.

Just below, we suggest you a guided walking tour of the town during a day excursion:

Vicenza art city basilica Andrea Palladio work Veneto region to visit during a guided walking tour

Palladio’s town, the genius of Vicenza

Vicenza the town of Andrea Palladio

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