Cycling along waterways
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Cycling along waterways

Cycling along waterways, the perfect way to ride a bicycle through the treasures of nature. In the past, the rivers were the most important routes in the development of the civilization, water roads that allowed easier and safer trade than by land. As a result, these waterways were used for goods transportation loaded on boats or barges pulled with long ropes by oxen or horses along the banks of the rivers.

The cycle paths with trained staff

Those walkways have become, as well as arterial roads, excellent cycle paths with the possibility to reach places of extraordinary beauty and to enjoy the view of each single area. Thanks to the peculiarities of the cycling trip,, you find itineraries along the embankments, the bike paths, as well as the low traffic roads. Hence, this is the great way to discover places along the waterways all over the regions of Italy. From the water springs to the river mouth, you take paths inside historic towns, always accompanied by trained staff.

The cycle tourism for all ages

Once, the cycle tourism was for the few adventurous cyclists from Northern Europe. But now it is having, year after year, more and new proselytes of all ages. In fact, We find solo travelers and families with kids who like to spend a day of leisure outdoors. Either they agree to follow paths of hundreds of kilometers to discover the hidden and most beautiful corners of Italy. More and more the local authorities promote the development of the bike path for its success, a growing momentum for the territories that can be otherwise forgotten.

Discover a wide range of routes. No matter if you are just bike lovers or professional athletes, you will always find the right route for you, your friends and your family.

The Italian author Alfredo Oriani

Alfredo Oriani was, first of all, an Italian author. As well as a writer and social critic of the second half of the nineteenth century. It seems he was the leading first generation writer on the bicycle, and this is what he wrote:
To fly like a bird: that’s the dream; to ride a bike: that’s today’s true pleasure. Young again, we become poets.

Cycling along waterways of the Italian regions

And here are our proposals for each region. If you want to reach particular places and you don’t know how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

And now adjust your bicycle saddle and enjoy the landscape!!!