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Outdoor Activities 

Outdoor activities Italy is to discover and to appreciate what is pleasing to the eyes, as well as the fragrances and sounds of a surprisingly varied landscape. As a result, in terms of nature and history that are the work and the man way of life.

The museum of Mother Nature

The Bel Paese (beautiful country) is for sure the ideal place to satisfy every wish of outdoor activities! Hence you will discover and you will be an active part of the most incredible museum: Mother Nature. In its full respect, you will penetrate into its beauties to be nourished by its charm, feast for your five senses!

You can find lots of solutions and each region of this country is able to satisfy all your wishes. In fact, we have to consider the main divisions of these outdoor activities where its conformation can affect the opportunities from one place to the other one. The solutions can move from the mountains to the forests, beach and sea, to the fresh water springs to aerial activities. As well as excursions of the families, for the visit of the culture and the historic sites.

The physic recreation and the spirit enrichment

The outdoor activities in Italy take place in an environment that is intact, or scarcely anthropized. For sure they are easy to practice for all ages. Hence ecologic and healthy, they pursue the physic recreation of the participants. As well as their entertainment, their culture and spirit enrichment with the exclusion of all forms of athletic competition. In conclusion, they promote the human relations and the knowledge of gorgeous places close to us, often unknown, to favor the logic of “being together”.

New or forgotten experiences to find the most authentic emotions may result from the discovery of a place, a smell, the sight of a beautiful landscape. As well as an insect, a flower, an animal or a mineral that you do not know.

The varieties of nature

As well as the sandy beaches or the rocky shores, the lagoons that are the natural habitats for the migratory or the sedentary birds. Furthermore, vast plains which rise in the gentle hills, and the mountains from the Alps to the Apennines. The territory abounds in rivers, caves carved by water, waterways, and landscapes designed by man. Different varieties of rocks that make the trip unique and breathtaking.

The small and great adventures in nature, to rediscover the world and to find ourselves.

The Italian and the outdoor activities

But believe me when I tell you that all this wealth would remain just an adventure travel without the most important factor that distinguishes this country from any other place: the Italian. Most of all, the people are the keystone that makes the journey unforgettable.

In this section, we report some outdoor activities in order to discover them. Hence you can choose the more congenial to you. Each region will have a dedicated page: