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Harmony of our aspect

Perfumes cosmetics creams ointments in the Republic of Venice. As a result, the aesthetic needs arose in every woman and at any time as an imperious instinct. Namely the search to make of herself almost a work of art, by improving the harmony of her aspect. Correcting an ungraceful form, as deleting or masking the small defects received from nature. For sure to the aesthetic need joined, from the origins, the instinct of sexual attraction. In conclusion, a condition that from the beginning was a crucial need for the reproduction of the species.

A beauty instrument from Byzantium

Various resources have been employed to achieve these feminine aspirations. And sometimes not only feminine. For sure, the perfumes cosmetics played an important role. There was a widespread practice in the use of artificial means, most of all like beauty instrument. We find it in the Chinese, the Persian, and the Egyptian culture. As well as in that of the Hebrews and the Phoenicians, used not only by women but also by men of higher social classes. As follow, Byzantium becomes a melting pot of numerous technical contributions from the East, from Egypt and from the classical world. In conclusion, contributions that in this melting pot met and merged themselves happily.

Perfumes cosmetics, the imprint from Orient

As we know, Venice was the direct heir of Byzantium and, as it were, it favorite daughter. For sure, the Euro-Asian world models marked many forms of life, habits and Venetian customs. Of these influences or inheritance, there is no doubt that the art of perfumes cosmetics was one of the most marked from an oriental imprint.

The cosmetics

Creams and ointments coming from the Veneto region have a deeply-rooted tradition behind them. For sure, if we consider the fact that one product was much in demand all over the Roman Empire. Known as “ointment from the Veneto”, which at that time was the best hair-removing available.

It is not for us to judge the actual technical qualities of this paleo cream. But we can naturally say that the native Veneto woman has always taken great pride on her appearance. For sure with new mixtures and creams that, for a period, ousted the creams used by her elegant Egyptian counterpart!

The Venetian women

In the Venetian society of the time, the role of women assumed a privileged nature. For sure, she was the protagonist of the changing of fashions and more. In the Renaissance, the Venetian capital lived the season of its greatest splendor. As a result, it manifests the increasing pleasure of living and love for health. As well as the beauty and the joy that accompanied it. It was felt more intensely in this region than in any other part of Italy. We must say that Venice was the only Italian state that enjoyed, since many generations, internal peace that increased in the Venetians a desire of comfort, of ease and splendor. As well as a refinement of manners and a humanity care, a condition that made them the first modern European nation.


perfumes cosmetics Venice Republic guided visit, creams and ointments in the Venetian society inherited from Byzantium.

Perfumes and cosmetics in the Republic of Venice

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