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Curiosities, experiences, stories

Blog page, why don’t use this system to write about special events, experiences, and suggestions? Day trip to Italy means discovering places that still retain a charm, ancestral traditions that are handed down from father to son. Events tracing the history and tradition, where people gather for days of festivities and performances.

With my blog page, I will try to give you some tips on how travel can become a pleasant memory that lasts a lifetime, to be forwarded to family and friends. Italy is also this, where history is an integral part of these people. Each place keeps its own dialect and traditions, which blends perfectly with the different customs throughout Italy.

In this blog page, I will write stories, experiences that I will share with you all: beautiful emotions, interesting meetings, magical places that enrich my thirst for knowledge. I feel the need to pass it on, to share it with a blog or a social network. Have a good time and capture the beauty of this wonderful world!

Leather masks handicraft in Venice

Renzo Sindoca, master leather craftsman, tames and models leather to create masks that are works of art of indescribable beauty. A result obtained thanks to his creativity and a touch of madness that only true artists have in...

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Risotto Italian dish rice history

Risotto and rice in the Italian culture Risotto and rice in the Italian territory. Today, Italy is considered the paddy field of Europe for its considerable cultivation of this cereal. especially the region of the Po Valley...

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Marostica castle human chess game

Marostica castle: the human chess game Marostica castle and its traditions, the stories, and the customs. in the detail, the representation of the past in a chess game. Is it possible to do it? The answer is yes, and it is staged...

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Luxury shoes along Brenta Riviera

Luxury shoes, a peculiarity of the Veneto region Luxury shoes production located along the Brenta canal, between the towns of Venice and Padua. I was looking for some information on bike paths this waterway between Venice and...

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