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Fam trip to Merano, South Tyrol

Merano, in Passeier Valley South Tyrol.  It all starts in Milano Marittima, a pleasant beach resort along the Adriatic Riviera in Emilia Romagna region, during the Full Contact event of Ediman (June 2015). The meeting between Arianna La Rosa and Nadia Scioni of “Press Way” and the next invitation to a fam trip to Merano leads us to discover a province full of charm, with the ability to satisfy the needs of everyone. Honestly, before this experience, for me, this town remained the ideal tourism city for seniors thanks to the mild climate and the peace that characterize it. Another motive of interest was also the Grand Prix of Merano Forst horse race.

Crossed by the river Passer

The fam trip takes place between October 23rd and 25th 2015. Hence I decided to describe my experience in this blog to make aware of the beauty of this area, and the different solutions that are offered to the traveler. This city is of just under 40000 inhabitants located 325 meters above sea level. Surrounded by mountains it’s crossed by the river Passer. Thanks to this position, and an intelligent work respecting the nature done by the inhabitants, today I can safely report a list of solutions that a traveler can choose according to his needs. To underline that each service is managed with the highest quality and love. For snow lovers: * Find 5 mountains districts around this area:

* The magic of the sledge around Merano; Sport and nature:

  • The Boulder;
  • The Slackline;
  • Canoe


  • Walks in the winter season;
  • Trails and itineraries on springtime;
  • Urban and extra-urban biking paths …


  • Törggelen
  • The canederli
  • Speck


  • Haflinger horse race
  • Merano Grand Prix
  • Grapes feast
  • Between September and November
  • Merano Wine Festival
  • Christmas market


  • Twist and lock

Body and mind care at the spa in Merano:

  • 15 indoor pools;
  • A large sector saunas and steam rooms;
  • Fitness center;
  • Body treatments with local products, from hay grape apple edelweiss …

The charming Trauttmansdorff Gardens, awarded with the International Garden of the Year 2013. This town is also an important center for conferences and cultural events, starting with the symbol of the city the “Kurhaus“, the KIMM and hotels with meeting rooms. … And much more … !!! Merano, a destination to live, recommended

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