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Renzo Sindoca, master leather craftsman, tames and models leather to create masks that are works of art of indescribable beauty. A result obtained thanks to his creativity and a touch of madness that only true artists have in their DNA.

The mask in the history of Venice

Surely the history of the mask has a position of respect in the past of the Serenissima. An element that permitted both men and women to allow themselves transgressions while maintaining anonymity and consenting any forbidden game. Nowadays, due to an industrial production to satisfy the tourist’s request, the mask fills almost every corner of Venice, remaining practically anonymous to me.

The master leather craftsman and the masks

Today I caught the soul of the leather mask thanks to Renzo Sindoca, master leather craftsman, who gave me the opportunity to visit his workshop introducing me to a fantasy world. My mind started traveling in the past: from the Sardinian mamuthones, masks that are still worn during the Mamoiada carnival, to theatrical performances. And what about those wonderful leather masks and metal plates worn by the Samurai whose only sight was enough to terrorize the opponent?!

Masks by Renzo Sindoca
Renzo Sindoca and the Commedia dell’Arte

But the ideal scenario of Renzo Sindoca’s leather masks is the Commedia dell’Arte (comedy of the profession). A profession exalted by Carlo Goldoni who until now is represented in various Italian theaters and not only. In the Commedia dell’Arte, the mask extends to become a costume that covers the whole body, strongly characterizing the style of acting. The most famous masks are Harlequin, Brighella, Colombine, Pantaloon, Pierrot, Pulcinella, Zanni and many others …

Mira, a town along the Brenta Riviera

Renzo Sindoca lives in Mira, a town along the Brenta Riviera in the province of Venice, and has been creating leather masks since 1980. A lively and helpful person, he actively participates in that natural stage of masks which is the Venice carnival! He is present at various events and makes his art available to individuals or groups with internships in his own workshop or elsewhere.

The ceramics of the Riviera

And also in Mira, not far from the workshop of Renzo Sindoca, inside the Social Cooperative Giuseppe Olivotti, we discover an interesting ceramic laboratory that is related to Bassano del Grappa. A structure coordinated by a ceramics artist who will amaze you with her works and her paintings: Laura Berlese! But I’ll dedicate another article to her as soon as possible …

This is also an area known for luxury shoes production!

You can contact directly Renzo by:
Mob.: +393475566419
Email: renzo.sindoca@gmail.com

I thank Renzo for making me discover the strength of an object shaped by skilled hands that, in contact with the face, transforms us and drags us into a fantasy world!

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