Palladio, Venetian Renaissance architect in the North of Italy
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Palladio Venetian Renaissance architect

Palladio, the most important Venetian Renaissance architect, had made works that today are listed by UNESCO in their World Heritage Sites. In the Veneto region, you can customize day excursions to visit his villas, palaces and works harmoniously incorporated with the landscape. We propose some private tours that include villas made by Palladio combined with medieval castles, art cities, wine and food tasting. Your professional driver will assist you during the whole journey to make your day unforgettable.

Villa Foscari La Malcontenta by Palladio, along the Brenta canal between Venice and Padua, close to the Venetian lagoon

Villas by Palladio Venice mainland

 Villa Barbaro Volpi by Andrea Palladio, with frescoes by Paolo Veronese, a unesco heritage site. Excursion, day tour, sightseeing in italy in veneto region

Villa Barbaro and Prosecco region

Villa Emo by Palladio, in the mainland of Venice with frescoes by Zelotti

Villa Emo and the Middle Ages

 Villa La Rotonda by Palladio, in the town of Vicenza part of UNESCO World Heritage

The town of Palladio and Padua