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Lords and Castles in the Middle Ages

Marostica castle chess square, along the foothills of the prealps mountains. The perfect example of a medieval walled town, built with 2 castles

Marostica castle chess square

As a result, this is a period of a great flowering of the social and culture life. Most of all in 1222 we have the foundation of the University of Padua. Almost in the same time, we have throughout the mainland a transformation. Hence of free communes into powerful lordships that were fighting each other for the land hegemony.

The domination of the signories

In fact from the 1230 to the 1260, we find the domination of the most representatives of the signories. And also the lords that have moved into the cities, they maintained possession of the countship from which their name derived. Hence the names like da Romano, da Camino, da Carrara and Este will be part of the Middle Ages of this region.

Scaliger bridge Verona, on the adige river. Connected to the castle of the middle ages, residence of the lords of Verona. During the medieval period

Scaliger bridge Verona

The lords like guarantors of the wellness

These were families with a longstanding military tradition and an aristocratic culture. For sure, this was at the base of a considerable charm in the eyes of the bourgeoisie. And also the heads of these important families were as guarantors of the order, the safety and the power of the town. As a result, these lords had the posts of Podestà (governor). As well as Capitanio del Popolo (Captain of the People), on which the new power structure was based.

Cittadella moat, fortification of a walled town of the middle ages. A medieval site located between Padua and Bassano

Cittadella moat

The Scaligers of Verona

The first to emerge was the lordship of Romano d’Ezzelino. Who conquered part of the center and the north of the Veneto. Hence Treviso fell into the hands of the lords Da Camino. And in Verona, between 1260 and 1277, we find the lords Della Scala (also known

as the Scaligers). As a result, they established themselves as allies of the middle class of merchants and craftsmen. Hence against the more important citizens. in conclusion, Verona became the capital of a powerful state. Which at its peak crossed the Apennines, reaching up to Lucca.

The power of the signories was slow to come to Padua. That was a town with a large commercial center. And also with a prestigious university. In 1318, because of the threat of the Scaligers, Jacopo da Carrara was elected as Capitano Generale.

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